EduBills is working with suppliers of school books and other school items. Our system can help you streamline your ordering processes and reduce costs.

Working with EduBills offers several benefits:

Save money

Orders are processed and paid for in bulk. Using EduBills, you can significantly reduce your delivery and transaction costs.

Save time

Receive the order for an entire school in one report

Advance order information

EduBills provides you with exact orders in advance – this eliminates guesswork and makes it easy to manage your stock

Readymade reports

Order details can be organised, ready to be exported to your management system.

Contact us today to find out more about working with EduBills.

Packaging and Delivery

Suppliers are responsible for delivering orders to schools. As part of our service to parents, EduBills requires that each pupil’s order is placed in an individual bag, labelled with the pupil’s name.