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EduBills.ie is an online payment and ordering system which has been designed with schools and parents in mind.


According to research carried out for EduBills by Dublin City University, the average school collects ten to twelve payments per pupil each year, and spends three to twelve hours per week processing these payments. Parents need to pay for a variety of charges for items such as book rental or school books, photocopying, insurance, school trips, uniforms etc. 93% of principals surveyed agreed that this administrative burden needs to be reduced.


The problem was seen first-hand by EduBills’ Managing Director, Sandra Maguire, while working as a school secretary. Sandra has a background in financial services, with over ten years’ experience. She has also volunteered on Parents Associations as Treasurer and Chairperson, and also on a Board of Management. However, it was while working in a primary school that Sandra’s idea of a centralised system took hold. EduBills’ online service for paying school charges and ordering school supplies is the result.


EduBills.ie provides a mechanism where schools can upload all items relevant to their pupils and parents can pay online. When items such as books, uniforms, tracksuits etc. are ordered through the system, approved suppliers deliver individually packaged items to the school on an agreed date.


With EduBills, reports can be viewed or downloaded at any time, and as all payments go directly into the school’s bank account, the need to handle cash or cheques is eliminated. A full audit trail is available online.


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